Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fugitives Say That The Streets Aren't For Dreaming Now *

Gut feelings work.

The unthinkable still happens.

The perception of friendship does change.

Tom Waits is too human for his own good. Mumford and Sons know what they're doing, and if they actually don't it's all the better.

Connections get you places, and I'm still referring to legitimate ones.

Most-if not even all-the things you're waiting on to hit you, won't. Things will start to just...happen, and we might not notice that, while we're still waiting on them to let us know they are. It could go on for years, explains mid-life crisis doesn't it?

Reading is essential.

Traveling is, too.

Money Vs doing what you love is possibly the hardest early-adulthood conundrum. Especially if,  given the circumstances, you need both equally to survive.

Becoming a workaholic is not as far from me as I thought. Not at all. And I don't know yet how good or bad this piece of information could turn out to be.

By comparison, weight loss should by no means be on top of the list of why healthy eating is great.

Sloth would pretty much be the end of me if it ever could, and it came close more times than it should have.

But seriously, Tom Waits can't be so human.

* Tom Waits (of course) - Waltzing Matilda.