Friday, January 1, 2010

As It Unwinds..

There is nothing up my sleeve for the just-starting year. This is a first in a good while.

Neither hope, nor despair
Neither determination, nor de-motivation
Neither defined resolutions nor abstract desires.

I will not interfere with its story with me.

I will have completed 2 decades of age. I have no reaction to that yet. But again, it's not about to matter.

I have my fears, but I am not afraid of them now. The story is bound to include some running-into, and much less running-from. Because that too has lost the damn.

And, I can't really start a year without stating it, so for what it's worth, thanks for the music.

At that, I would give Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up an Album of the year. It's far from a pick I would predictably make, but that had some skill, at the amazing rate of being only his second release.

"You know, I'm tired of following my dreams. I'm just gonna ask them where they're headed, and meet up with them later!"
- Mitch Hedberg.

However they turn out to be..
I let that part loose as of now.

Here's to anything and everything. Because I'm not afraid.