Friday, February 4, 2011

In The Shuffling Madness..

It's 7:04 am, Cairo local time. I haven't slept since yesterday and I'm having a strange craving for coffee that we're out of anyway.

I keep remembering the existence of some aspects related to life before January 25th, 2011, and they sound like things I have been estranged from for years. It started yesterday, when I remembered the existence of music, and just now, with coffee.

As to anything starting January 25th, I have so much to say that it's crippling. And that's not really a bad thing for now because now, is the time to watch, just watch. Since any answers would still be incomplete, any questions are distracting.

The world will watch today, and it will keep watching. The world will watch Egypt come back from the dead, having to cross back through hell to get there, and however it does that, will be a story worth telling.

مصر هتفضل غالية عليا