Thursday, July 22, 2010

That's Why We Have Blogs, Isn't It?

- Our minds really do have an overwhelming ability to make whatever we think look real. This ability, though, is very seldom exercised where it really should be . And that's my idea of be careful what you wish for.

- Somewhere between the process of growth and the point of maturity with regards to a certain portion of one's life, occurs an anomalous leap along the pattern. At this point, the perfect amounts of knowledge and confidence will collide, generating what I choose to call, the awaited awesomeness. You could either welcome it with cries of excitement, or just an assured smile. That would only depend on whether or not you've continued to see it coming, no matter how many times it might have seemed like it won't be.

- When your best friend has been unconscious for over 5 months, the fact that you don't feel like shit all the time does not mean you have moved on. Nonetheless, the thought that you might have moved on, even in the tiniest bit, will manage to make you feel like shit again.

- Doubting your feelings can be the healthiest thing you can do with them. The tricky part is in learning how to still see, and allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of uncertainty while it is tucked in its hideous, smelly compartment.

- The words "young woman in her twenties" still freak the crap out of me, even though I have accepted and gladly welcomed the happening of adulthood to my life.

- I have my gratitude list written down and I am not afraid to use it anymore. And well, when it comes to certain items on the list, at least I try now.

- Loving someone the way they are, for who they are, will end up changing the way you are, for what you are. Pun is intended and stressed upon.

Damien Rice - Dogs
Bob Dylan - Blowing in the wind
Paolo Nutini - White Lies